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10 Ratings

Risk! early episodes


I'm a fan of the Risk! podcast (I started listening because of Mara Wilson) and I decided to check out the All-Star albums. The ones on this track are obviously from early episodes because the the narratives aren't very organized and don't go much of anywhere. Sarah Silverman's is particularly dull and meandering. The music isn't as carefully arranged as it is for the regular show either. There are a few laughs but I've listened to part of the second compilation and can assure you it's better, so unless you've got a 13 hour flight and you're desperate you don't have to feel too bad about giving this one a miss and just picking up the later "albums."

Also can they call really call it an album when it's all one track? If you have to shut off you ipod for something you lose your place and have to scroll through trying to find it again.



I love all these real life stories. It takes you on ups and downs, and keeps one in touch with reality. Highly recommended.

I ❤️risk!


This is by far my favorite podcast. I'm glued to each episode and I can't get through work without it. The stories are fascinating and I love, love, love the host Kevin Allison. His honesty and excitement is refreshing. His stories are my favorite. You must give this a listen!!!

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