6 Songs, 29 Minutes


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5 out of 5

12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Thank you LORD! Its about time! God you are awesome!

Beach FC

Have been waiting for a album from Campbellsville since I found Promises of Wonder last year and have searching the web for this group seens i first heard them one of the best groups of worship out there "true worship" love it cant wait hope and pray that you guys make a web page, Facebook, Campbellsville worship for music God Bless You Guys and your ministry,

Don't be stupid, buy it!

Erin's Honest Reviews

I have had the pleasure of previewing this EP and I can't get enough of it!! It is constantly on in my home and car... The anthems of earth are rising to harmonize with the melodies of heaven.

It leaves you wanting more.

So good


Sonically, this record is dynamic, beautiful and expressive… enough to draw me in on that merit alone. Lyrically speaking, I find it just as strong, which I LOVE! After several close listens I find the whole offering deep and developed enough to keep my thoughts churning and my heart swelling up at the same time. The community of individuals that make this music have a unique way of reflecting the kindness of Jesus, the creative power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father in their work. Buy all their music!!!



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