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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.5 out of 5
53 Ratings
53 Ratings

Very emotional, very Boston!!!

First and foremost, this album holds a very dear place in my heart. This album has helped me emotionally through some of the hardest times in my life, so thank you Boston!

Let's start from the beginning!

Amanda- The most popular song from this album, emotional and radio friendly. It really introduces the mood for this album very well.

We're Ready- A great follow-up song to Amanda, with a little more "upbeat" feel too it, yet still carrying emotion.

The Launch- basically the equivalent to Boston's intro to Long Time, Foreplay, but with a calmer more heartfelt feel too it.

Cool The Engines- One of the most upbeat songs on the album! Similar to the song Long Time from Boston's self-titled album.

My Destination- Probably the second or third most emotional song in the album, all in only 2:19. Only Tom can make guitars so emotional.

A New World- A strangely random, yet well placed instrumental! Great progression into To Be A Man.

To Be A Man- This song holds a lot of truth too it, seriously. Very thought provoking song into who you are, who you THINK you are and who you should be.

I Think I Like It- Definitely the most upbeat song in the album! Great instrument progressions, vocals (R.I.P. Brad) and thought. A song for those in a happy mood! My personal second favorite song on the album. Can'tcha Say- An emotional follow-up song to the upbeat I Think I Like It, and leads straight into Still In Love, another heartfelt emotional song.

Hollyann- My personal favorite song, not only of this album, but out of ANYTHING Boston has come out with. Calm, heartfelt lyrics blend with a wall of emotional guitars, making the perfect love Ballad. I truly believe Tom is the only person in HISTORY to be able to make instruments this emotional. Thank you Boston for making music for people in tough times... It's touched and helped more people than you'll ever know......



I was named after the song Amanda so it has a special place in my heart❣ plus this album is just amazing!!

the kidde


Brilliant work of art thank you Tom!

About Boston

The arena rock band behind one of the fastest-selling debut albums in history, Boston was essentially the vehicle of guitarist and studio wizard Tom Scholz, born March 10, 1947 in Toledo, Ohio. A rock fan throughout his teen years, he began writing songs while earning a master's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduation, he began work for Polaroid, and set about constructing his own 12-track recording studio in the basement of his home, where Scholz and vocalist Brad Delp recorded demos that earned them a contract with Epic in 1975. Although some recording and overdubs were later done in Los Angeles, the 1976 release of Boston consisted largely of tapes recorded in Scholz's basement. (By then, the lineup had coalesced around Scholz, Delp, guitarist Barry Goudreau, bassist Fran Sheehan, and drummer John "Sib" Hashian.) Boston spawned three hit singles ("More Than a Feeling," "Long Time," and "Peace of Mind"), and shot immediately to the top of the charts, remaining the best-selling pop debut effort in history before it was supplanted by Whitney Houston's first album in 1986.

Despite the record's overwhelming success, Scholz spent over two years working on the follow-up, 1978's number one hit Don't Look Back; a perfectionist, he only then released the album because of intense label pressure for product. Dissatisfied with the results, he swore he'd produce the next album at his own pace; as a result, the chart-topping Third Stage did not appear until 1986, at which time only Scholz and Delp remained from the original lineup.

Scholz spent the next several years in the courtroom: eventually, he won a seven-year battle against Epic, which claimed Boston had reneged on its contract by taking so long between releases. When the band resurfaced again in 1994 with Walk On, Scholz was the lone remaining member; Delp and Goudreau had reunited in 1992 as RTZ, releasing the album Return to Zero. Unlike previous returns, Walk On was a commercial failure. Radio and MTV ignored any attempts at singles or videos, and the minimalist approach taken by the popular alternative artists of the era made the crystalline production and lengthy recording time seem anachronistic.

Taking another eight years to work on the next record, he targeted the Internet crowd first by releasing a single to www.MP3.com in the summer of 2002. The track became the site's number one download, and word of their new album spread quickly. (Delp's return to the group also helped matters.) Secondly, Scholz set his lyrical sights on political targets, going so far as to title the record Corporate America, as he emphasized his disdain for the system he had been a vital part of at one time. After releasing the record in the fall of that year, Boston embarked on a tour that took them into 2004. Around this time, Scholz began work on the next album using the same studio equipment the band had used since its inception. The work moved slowly and a shadow was cast over the project by the 2007 suicide of Delp, but the band's sixth album, Love Life & Hope, was released by Frontiers Records in late 2013. The album featured vocals by Delp and was something of a return to the classic Boston sound of the '70s.

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