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414 Ratings


I didn't really care for the last Amazing Spider-Man score by Horner, Elfmans score is awesome, but... This beats Elfmans by a loooooonnng shot, this is the music I've always wanted in a Spider-Man film, it feels like the 90s show music but with more techno, the only thing I feel Elfman did better than Zimmer, was the main theme, yes it's nice, but Elfman has a better theme, it was epic and whimsical, Zimmers sounds too Captain America-y, it's a cool song, but it doesn't fit Spider-Man, as for the rest of the soundtrack, I knew Zimmer wouldn't let me down, "Amazing" job XD


Bring Back James Horner!

Hans Zimmer's music pales in comparison with James Horner's. Period. Not looking forward to this. The clips sound cheap and over-produced.

L Cortes

Horrible for an epic superhero movie

Nothing can compete against the actual AMAZING danny Elfman score for Spider-Man but James Horner got close to it and at least he gave us a beautiful score we could dream to. But they completely changed it with Hans and this electronic crap dubstep thing that doesn't fit spiderman. I'm disapointed in Zimmer since he made a lot of great scores before. :/ They should have kept James Horner tbh

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