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America, I

La courte

The song "America, I'm in love with you", was created by me to simply say thank you America for all you have done for me, my family and all the immigrants that live in the United States. This country has shown me that it is the land of opportunityes it is that land that makes dreams come true, it is the land of free and definitely the home of the brave. This country has people fighting and dying to have Peace all over the world. A land that strives for everyone to live together in harmony. United States of America is a blessed country becouse it accepts all collors, all nationalities, all traditions and religions. God bless America. Thank you. America I love you.

I love America too!

AnaBela Machial

What a great method to thank United States of America for what this country does for our people. The words of this song and the music touch my heart. I agree with Jose Paulo's words, America I love you and God Bless the country we live in, the U.S.A.