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4.8 out of 5

16 Ratings

16 tracks of greatness.


I absolutely love this album. I had originally been introduced to this artist in Chicago where he won the Avant Grande Music Contest in 2007 which was sponsored by Starbucks and WXRT 93 FM. I saw one of his Starbucks gigs and my ears were treated to about 5 great original tracks and a handful of interesting covers. I'd gotten a copy of his EP which quickly found a permamnent home in my cd player. I was interested in seeing what a full on LP would have in store for my ears and I am glad to say that I am aurally pleased. Beyond the smooth and soulful voice of Dawen and the great production of his funk infused/R&B tracks, there is a great deal of intelectual and socio-concious heft that comes along with it. The first half of "American Me" deals with racial struggles in the U.S. I found myself bobbing my head to the bead whilst at the same time being moved and provoked by Dawen's lyrics. The entire album isn't all about social injustice, from track 9 on, Dawen gives the listener some great R&B love songs to jam to. Personal favorites on this album are "Wake Up" great song about representation, or rather misrepresentations of Asian's in media and society, "Put Your Swords Down", a beautiful pleaful ballad for peace, "Just You", great R&B piano ballad showcasing Dawen's vocals and heart, and "Get Enough" a wonderful fusion of Pop/R&B/and a touch of Jazz. Do yourself a favor and buy this album. Great music, great artist, great lyrics.

Love the music and lyrics


I'm not a fan of R&B/Soul, but this gem is so much more. It's so musical and the lyrics are powerful and full of meaning. It's worth getting the entire album.

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