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42 Ratings

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After hearing this album, I got so pumped up that I immediately got in a wrastling match with Steve, who ended up throwing me into a pool. It was a fluke and I'd challenge him again, but that's all beside the point here. These guys put on an epic show, if you get the chance, go see them as soon as you can. I feel this album is a bit of a departure from their last, but in the best way possible. I'd dare say it's even better than their Every Night album. I can't stress you enough... BUY IT you won't be disappointed. Mad grooves, sick basslines, lyrics that really grab you, and a clean and defined love for what they do. I'd give it ten stars, but itunes only allows five.

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You need to buy this! It is an amazing album by an incredibly talented group of true musicians. I can honestly say that American Riviera will be an all time favorite album of mine and quite possibly yours if you buy it! Let it blare from your speakers and be ready for something entirely different and new from what you've ever heard before. (in the best way imaginable) Then, go find out where you can see these guys live. Unbelievable. Enjoy!

Awesome CD!


Wow, what an amazing CD! Every song is so unique. I can't pick a favorite, I love them all so much! Great job guys!

About Tommy & The High Pilots

Tommy & the High Pilots formed in Santa Barbara, California in early 2008 when songwriter, singer, and guitarist Tommy Cantillon's previous band, Holden, which had been together for five years, suddenly broke up. Cantillon decided to start anew and left California for New York City, spending a year writing songs and rethinking what he wanted to do as a musician. Eventually, he was joined there by his brother, guitarist and keyboardist Michael Cantillon, and two West Coast friends, bassist Steve Libby and drummer Matt Palermo, and Tommy & the High Pilots were born. Recorded and produced entirely by the band, Every Night appeared in 2009, followed by American Riviera two years later in 2011. An EP recorded at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis, Missouri titled Sawhorse Sessions also appeared in 2011 . Only Human arrived in the spring of 2012. In October 2014, the band announced that they would be changing their name to Beta Play. ~ Steve Leggett

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