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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.4 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

Jaegermeister7 ,

Very Underated

I bought this album expecting it to be like the reviews said, an album with one hit consisting of songs that sound like Pearl Jam. Well.....
THE CRITICS ARE WRONG!!!! Almost every song is great. Also, even though you can here the Pearl Jam influence in this music, the sound of this album is actually very unique. The best way to describe it is a combination of country music and grunge with a little bit of hard rock mixed in. This may not sound good in words, but it definatly creates good music. Unfortunatly, this band went downhill after this album (except for the Economy of Sound is pretty good). This is definatly their best album, unless you enjoy more country sounding music, in which case you would like their other albums better.

Here's a song by song review:

Water's Edge 8/10-The guitar riff is good and the 1st half of the song is great. However, the lyrics are weird and the sound starts sounding kinda confused when it gets to the loud part at around half way through the song.

Cumbersome 10/10-It's the bands biggest hit and it is the best on the album. Great guitar, good lyrics and extremly catchy.

Roderigo 10/10-At first, I didn't like this song, but after a few listens it began to grow on me. The guitar solo is great and the song is very well done.

Devil Boy 8.5/10-It's OK but it sounds too much like a country song for me.

My My 10/10-The loudest, fastest, and hardest rocking song on the album. This song totally rocks.

Lame 10/10-Very meaningful lyrics. Beautiful acoustic song.

Headstrong 9/10-The song could have been better but it still sounds pretty awesome. I don't really like the vocals too much in this one.

Anything 8/10-The verses are so perfect that I'm extremely dissapointed by the chores which doesn't work in the song and doesn't sound very good.

Margaret 9/10-The lyrics are pathetic but the reat of the music is really great.

Punch in Punch Out 1/10-No, that's all I have to say, just no, it's awful.

Favorute Dog 9/10-Weird lyrics but it sounds really cool.

oredigger4life ,

American Standard

The first album that hit main stream radio, and yes it had some one hit wonder songs that no doubt all the haters will wine about, but if you are a seven mary three fan, you will understand that this album has some great songs, and incorporates issues that affect us all and they tell the story poetically and professionally. The economy of sound, Orange ave, and Day and Night driving are also must haves. The download its self was quick and Itunes says it is 256 kbps, which is acceptable to the non-320 idiots who have 10K stero's!!!

T. Rasputin ,

Great album!

The iTunes review of this album blows. I fell in love with this album when I was in high school, so I'm partial, but I never thought these guys were like a "bar band". In fact, I would be stoked to walk into a bar that had a band playing at this caliber. If you hear this album now for the first time, you would think, oh anybody can do this, but you have to realize what they were up against in '95. At the time, they were a unique breath of fresh air from Nirvana and Tool. I think the songwriting is awesome. The very first song on the CD is about as good as it gets. This album and Everclear's Sparkle and Fade rate as two 90's classics that I am still drawn to today. Of course Pearl Jam and Nirvana would be the first listed in the canon of what the 90's were all about, but I think bands like Seven Mary Three represent more accurately what it was like to be growing up at that time. The direct quality of the lyrics on the album means more to me (and other fans, undoubtedly) than some of the more abstract pieces that were coming from the respected bands of the day. Also the singer's voice is so genuine, almost like he is experiencing everything all over again in the stories he tells. The album is simple, subtle, and just uncomfortable enough to be fun.

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