13 Songs, 38 Minutes


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sincerely one of the best albums ever


This set of songs will move you, make you cry late into the night, lift you higher that you have ever flown, and make you feel the awe of what it means to be alive. A true lyrical, musical, sonic masterpiece from the brilliant, dark horse American composer Sam Ray. Some of the greatest artistry of the 21st century so far unleashed with an unmatched grace and ambition. Listen to it front to back for several months and walk thru the snow and stay up by the fire and you will be changed.

About Julia Brown

Singer/songwriter Julia Brown grew up in Richmond, VA. The oldest of four children, Brown's mother gave her early exposure to music through her work as a classically trained pianist in a local gospel church. Starting when she was only 12 years old, she began composing, writing hundreds of songs before her 16th birthday. When she was 18, she left Richmond to attend New York University. In 1999, her career saw a major development when she attended a songwriting conference hosted by Chris Difford (formerly of Squeeze) in the English countryside. The experience inspired her to take her career more seriously and she began to play live in small Greenwich Village clubs, eventually hooking up with producer Christian Cassan to record her debut album, Jubilant Newborn Alien Haze, which was released by Riot Shack Records in 2001. This highly personal album drew from a variety of stylistic sources, including soul, pop, electronica, and folk.



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