10 Songs, 54 Minutes


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10 Ratings



This is one of the finest world music albums I have ever heard. Its tempo and smooth rythm help calm the mind and set you onto a plain that is unequalled for meditation. If you like music of the world you will love this...

Good For A Lifetime


Outback skillfully blends the sounds of guitar and didgeridoo into bouncing, feel good music that can stay with you for a lifetime. I remember listening to this music when I was a kid (my dad had the CD) and I just recently discovered it again. The music still brings the same smile to my face that it did 15 years ago.

I play the didjeridoo.


And this album is a brilliant exposition of the instrument. "Hold On" particularly is superb.

This is the best thing I have ever heard in my didj experience; but it's good too because of its global fusion nature, not just because of my parochial interest. Recommended, very, very highly.

Best heard, BTW, with a good subwoofer and the bass set to drive.

About Outback

Outback's ebullient, accessible, yet highly irregular style could be described as "tribal new-acoustic." The group is anchored by two multi-instrumentalists, Graham Wiggins and Martin Craddick, who in 1988 met by chance in Oxford and began playing as a duo all over England. A former jazz pianist, Wiggins taught himself to play the didgeridoo (sometimes spelled didjeridu), an Australian aboriginal wind instrument made of a hollowed-out wooden tube. Through the use of various techniques (including circular breathing), the instrument produces an earthy, gritty, and at times almost electronic sound. Curiously enough, Wiggins's didgeridoo takes on a folksy quality similar to the resonant twang of a mouth harp when combined with Craddick's acoustic guitar and mandolin strummings. After the success of their first international release Baka, the two refined and expanded upon this unusual sound by adding the talents of Sagar N'Gom on West African percussion and Ian Campbell on drums. Outback's latest release, Dance the Devil Away also features French fiddle player Paddy LeMercier. ~ Linda Kohanov



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