8 Songs, 32 Minutes

1 3:49
2 6:18
4 2:16
5 2:00
6 4:39
7 3:28
8 4:40

About Andrew Tuttle

Andrew Tuttle is an Australian musician who seamlessly fuses electronic and organic instrumentation, combining bright, warm computer tones and field recordings with acoustic instruments such as banjos and guitars. His singular brand of digital avant-folk is earthy, inviting, and unpretentious. Initially going by the moniker Anonymeye, Tuttle began performing and recording music in 2004, releasing his debut album, Anonymeye Motel, on Half/theory in 2006. Following a few limited CD-R releases, The Disambiguation of Anonymeye appeared on Sound & Fury in 2009, and Anontendre was issued by Room40's avant-pop sister label Someone Good in 2011. After working on an unfinished fourth Anonymeye album, Tuttle decided to retire the alias in 2013 and produce work under his own name. Following a few digital releases, Tuttle's album Slowcation was issued on cassette by A Guide to Saints (another Room40 imprint) in 2015. Fantasy League followed on the re-activated Someone Good in 2016. ~ Paul Simpson