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3.1 out of 5
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22 Ratings
Sword Of Damocles ,

not good

The 80's not so good to Elton

Beauboy93 ,

Not THAT bad.

I for one do not agree with the above. The album is actually not that bad, considering some of the other albums he has under his belt. Its hard to try to live up to any of his other albums that had as much sucess as Tumbleweed, Yellow Brick Road, Dont Shoot Me! and others. Therefore this has not gotten much praise. Its a very upbeat album with many fun songs, but not as fun as classics from albums such as Brown Dirt Cowboy. Leather Jackets the song, is repetive, but still a fun song.

PDiddy222 ,

A not so great album

Leather Jackets is one of Elton's worst studio albums, for sure, but that doesn't mean everything is horrible. Unfortunately, the entire album is stuffed with cheesy 80's effects and sythesizers. Now to go through the songs...
Leather Jackets - Meh song that has bad lyrics but is catchy
Hoop of Fire - a song that should of been on the Ice on Fire album, very good
Don't Trust That Woman - It's an alright song
Go it Alone - Also an alright song, maybe the best of the uptemp numbers\
Gypsy Heart - Again, Elton only has an alright slow song
Slow River - this single from the album is a complete throw-away
Heartache All Over the World - It's catchy but its is maybe Elton's worst single, it's so bad
Angeline - REALLY bad...
Memory of Love - Also not something that I'd care to listen to anytime soon
Paris - This one isn't bad, it's one of the better songs on the album
I Fall Apart - My favorite on the album, it is pretty simple (for this album's standards) and it has a lot of emotion with decent lyrics.

In all, this album was literally leftovers from the Ice on Fire album, and it really shows. If you want Elton's voice at this time and you haven't already gotten it, Ice on Fire is a better album. This is only for the Elton John fanboys to complete their collection.

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