11 Songs, 42 Minutes


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46 Ratings

AK3 fans, Do Not Avoid Getting This Album

A lot of my friends who like AK3 were disappointed with this CD and kind of kept me away from it. 1 month after the release I bought this album, and since then, its probably one of those albums I cant stop listening. I play all the tracks in order,no skipping and it is just an amazing album to relax and enjoy. Deep lyrics and great sound makes this a must have album. Heather and Annabelle are probably my favorite songs since I had gf's with those names.

nervburn ,

Just an aside...

I have heard some rumbling from Alk3 fans that they were "saddened" by this album. If you didn't see this coming you weren't paying attention to the career of Alkaline. All of the same influences were there, just not pushed as far to the forefront as this album (the Alk3 cover of "Metro", come on, did you need a neon sign?) And, for the love of god remember, this is a side project, and a @#$!! good one at that. Try to open your mind, painful though it may be...

teschier ,

Matt Skiba comes through again.

Wonderful! Not a word I use everyday, but Matt and his friend there made a very revealing gift to the world. Once again Mr. Skiba has made me feel like I'm not alone in this world, by having feelings of love and hate so intertwined together. Thank you, all of your projects have been completely sucessful in what they were set out to do. Alkaline Trio June 20th @ the Crocodile Rock in Allentown,PA 18106.

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