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19 Ratings
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Where are the other 16 tracks?

While the song selection is good and there are a number of tracks here that aren’t otherwise available in the US store; and the mixing is competent if not particularly inspired, I have two problems with this album:

1. It’s incomplete. The physical version is two mixed CDs containing 35 tracks in total—as is the version available on iTunes UK. As with Annie Mac Presents 2013, however, the version available in the US store only contains around half of the tracks originally “presented" by Ms. Mac; and yet costs roughly the same.

Moreover, as far as I can tell, it’s not even the case that the version available in the US store is just one of the two original mixes. Rather (at least if the online tracklistings are accurate) the US version appears to be a new mix containing some of the songs from the first CD, some from the second, and at least one track that isn’t even on the original. As such, it’s not even clear whether the US iTunes version is even mixed by Annie Mac.

2. The tracks are mixed edits. Unlike the majority of mixes I’ve purchased from iTunes, the individual tracks here are mixed edits. That is, if you pick any given track at random the last 20-30 seconds contain the transition into the next track so that the album forms a complete mix when played as a whole.

This stands in stark contrast to the majority of mix albums available on iTunes--at least that I’ve seen--in which the album as a whole contains both the full length unmixed tracks AND a separate track containing the full artist mix. (Ministry of Sound compilations are the obvious exception, but on those the individual tracks are at least clearly labeled as edits.)

If, like me, you're download a mix album as much to obtain the individual tracks for mixing yourself as to listen to the mixed whole, you’re going to find yourself with a bunch of premixed edits rather than the full length tracks.


Bought for Bullit

One of these days iTunes/music exec’s will get with the program. We want world music now, not when you decide to release it. Been waiting for Bullit for months now.




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