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4 out of 5

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Confused, bit still love it.


Now, I'm sure some of you are as confused as I am. When I first bought a song out of this album,(ie: Fade) iTunes stated that the song I purchased was in fact played by Imagine Dragons. So I kept listening and listening to it, and a year later I check the entire album, and what do you know? It says on Imagine Dragons page on ITunes that Fade isn't produced by them, but Egyptian. Now, I was confused too, but the only difference is that the song was a side project of married singers Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkmen-Reynolds. They made the song, and it was affiliated with Imagine Dragons and Nico Vega, Aja's band. It's just that their side project was called Egyptian, so that was the name of the people who played the song. It's still considered Imagine Dragons, but also partially Nico Vega. So the truth is that Fade is in fact made by Imagine Dragons. I hope this clears up a lot of confusion.



Imagine Dragons is awesome. I love hear me. Fade is amazing! And FADE IS NOT BY IMAGINE DRAGONS. It's by Egyptian which is another band of Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman. Stop saying it's by imagine dragons because DAN REYNOLDS IS NOT IMAGINE DRAGONS, he is just the lead singer

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