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While listening to Anywhere But Here the first time, 3 words were running through my head.
"I miss Jason"
MP is no longer the same band. The loss of Jason has affected them greatly. Some may think they have gotten better, but I most assuridly disagree. There is an obvious difference between Anywhere But Here and A Lesson In Romantics or Tales Told By Dead Friends. Lack of in depth lyrics, every song sounds exactly the same, directly quoted song titles... Nothing is the same.
not a single song stuck out to me, all were to monotonous. they had their sad song, I swear this time I mean it. comparable to Miserable at best; all coming from the same stereotypical genre. If I had to pick, that would be the best on the album, but still, at most I consider the best song on here to be....tolerable.
Now if this were a brand new band, I might enjoy it. I just think it is the fact that I know Mayday Parade, and I know what they are capable of, and they are capable of works much greater than this.
If you are a die hard MP fan, here from day one: buy the album, for your collection, whats it gonna hurt. If you are just now discovering MP: do not. do not. do not. waste your money on this album. Go buy A Lesson In Romantics, it is much more worth your money. By far.
overall, Anywhere But Here is a disapointment.

I miss Jason.

Oh no. Anywhere But Here.


Mayday Parade caught our attention and was set apart by other bands because of their beautiful sound and jaw-dropping lyrics. From TTBDF to ALIR, songs like “One Man Drinking Games” and “Champagne’s For Celebrating” and “Three Cheers For Five Years” were among the best of ANY out there. There’s only one problem with this new album…Jason Lancaster isn’t in it! Mayday Parade is not Mayday Parade WITHOUT the lyrics. They just aren’t. This is why they were BETTER than Boys Like Girls and All Time Low and We The Kings: their lyrics. And Jason wrote every song. So without the lead singer and the lyrics, who can blame them for not living up to expectations? Do NOT get me wrong. I LOVE Mayday Parade. They inspire me in so many ways and they are my favorite band. With that, it’s saddening to be so let down by this album, as they do not live up to expectations. Imagine Paramore without Hayley Williams. Can’t do it! Let’s compare lyrics: “I thought with a month of apart/Together would find us an opening/And moonlight would provide the spark/That I would stumble across the key/Or break down the door to your heart/Forever could see us not you and me/And you'd help me out of the dark/I'd give my heart as an offering, as an offering” to: “Get up, get up/Sing it like you're screaming at me/Get up, get up/I love the way you make it look so easy/East coast, west coast, show me what you've got now/Let's go, let's go” There’s no more: “And she sings she’ll be my tourniquet/As the record on the stereo plays/Her favorite song for two whole days/And the tracks stretched out for miles and miles/And what she’d give for one more smile” Instead, it’s: “I'm bruised and scarred/Save me from this broken heart/All my love will slowly fade and fall apart/Someone please sing this lovesick melody/Call my name if you're afraid/ I'm just a kiss away” They’ve resorted to how every other band sounds. CLICHÉ! And unfortunately that is NOT the Mayday Parade we have all come to love. They sound like a pop band. “I’m just a kiss away”?? Come on! THEY NEED JASON BACK!!!

About Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade arose from the merger of two popular Tallahassee local bands, Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment, whose combination helped the emo pop unit amass a quick buzz around its hometown scene. The sextet was initially comprised of vocalist Derek Sanders, vocalist/guitarist Jason Lancaster, bassist/vocalist Jeremy Lenzo, drummer Jake Bundrick, and guitarists Alex Garcia and Brooks Betts. After playing shows on the 2005 Warped Tour, along with sporadic gigs alongside bands like Armor for Sleep, the Rocket Summer, the Starting Line, and Emery, the band hooked up with Fearless Records in August 2006 and released its debut EP, Tales Told by Dead Friends, three months later. Lancaster left Mayday Parade in March 2007 and formed Go Radio; meanwhile, Mayday Parade signed with Atlantic Records and issued their first album without Lancaster, Anywhere But Here, in late 2009. The group's Fearless-issued, eponymous third long player arrived in 2011 and peaked at the number 12 spot on the Billboard Top 200. The Zack Odom- and Kenneth Mount-produced Monsters in the Closet followed in early 2013 (along with a deluxe edition the following year). In 2015, the band released its fifth album, Black Lines. ~ Corey Apar

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