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Sacred Healing Waters! Lovely, luminous music!

Ollie Knox,

My all time favorite cd. I like the water sound effects and the quiet insturments.

My appreciation for both Sayama's "Sacred Healing Waters" and "Sacred Healing Touch" have flushed me out in the open. I can't say enough about these 2 collectionsNothing calms me like Sayama's CD's, and I own other calming CDs like Dr. Geoffrey Thompson's brainwave CDs, Nawang Kechog,Richard Warner's Quiet Heart/Spirit Wind, Steve Halpern's Chakra Suite (all great CDs too, but fall just a hair short of Sayama) . Sacred Healing Waters and Sacred Healing Touch are the best of all of the calming CDs I own and I never tire of them. In my opinion this is money well spent and you won't regret it.

his CD is gorgeous. The bells and gongs are a wonderful addition to the gentle music. I was quit impressed with the quality of the music. It is amazing, words cannot do it justice!

If you are looking for a CD to sleep or relax to, this should be top on your Ipod or in your stereo. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Caressed by a gentle breeze


This music is really easy on the soul, we can learn to relax and bring things down a notch from listening to Sayama.

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