2 Songs, 40 Minutes


About Jason Lescalleet

Jason Lescalleet is an experimental electronic music artist who is known for using reel-to-reel tape machines to produce musique concrète, often collaboratively. His discography includes a variety of releases: In Which the Silent Film Director Can No Longer Make His Point to the Industrial Dreamer (2000), a collaboration with Nmperign on Intrasitive Recordings; Figure 2 (2001), a collaboration with John Hudak on Intransitive Recordings; Forlorn Green (2001), a collaboration with Greg Kelley on Erstwhile Records; Mattresslessness (2001), a solo album on Cut; Electronic Music (2003), a solo album on RRRecords; Red Room (2004), a collaboration with Jason Kahn on Chloë; Brombron 09: Annihilate This Week (2006), a collaboration with Joe Colley on Korm Plastics; Love Me Two Times (2006), a collaboration with Nmperign on Intransitive Recordings; The Pilgrim (2006), a solo album memorial for his father on Glistening Examples; and The Breadwinner (2008), a collaboration with Graham Lambkin on Erstwhile Records. ~ Jason Birchmeier