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4.6 out of 5
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38 Ratings

A must listen!

If you are looking for something new that is "not so mainstream", then check out the new Abandoned Pools cd. With a mix of the new punk combined with 80's-type New Order, they have put together a great mix that will please the listeners that have open ears for new music.


Long Delayed But Worth the Wait!

It's been 4 long years since the release of "Humanistic", but what a great companion this album has become. Tommy Walters has tweaked the sensibilities of Pop Rock once again. With his catchy chords and melodic rythms he has crafted a group of songs that once again meld into each other while remaining destinct. Although once compared to the talents of Billy Corrigan and Smashing Pumpkins, Tommy Walters seems to have a better grasp on what whiney Modern Rock should sound like. With his voice Walters uses its high nasil tones and belts out some of the most imaginary and revealing lyrics. If you're a fan of what Alternative music used to be and what it should be then you should be listening to bands like Abandoned Pools.

Paul Diddy


This is the early work of a great band. Not great yet. . . but on the way. It's like when I first heard October, you could just tell U2 was going somewhere big. Same feeling with this group.

About Abandoned Pools

Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Tommy Walter goes by the alias of Abandoned Pools. Walter picked up a bass guitar in grade school and by high school was a classically trained French horn player. He enrolled at the University of Pacific in Stockton, CA, where he studied and taught music theory (and such early 20th century, 12-tone and modal composers like Schoenberg, Bartók, and Stravinsky). But teaching didn't fulfill his desire to play rock music, as he sought other similar-minded musicians in the vast L.A. pop/rock scene.

A collaboration with area singer/songwriter E led to the band Eels, but Walter soon left the project despite the promise of Eeels' 1996 debut Beautiful Freak. On his own again, Walter holed up in his apartment and began writing and recording original material. Those tracks were the genesis of Abandoned Pools, which debuted with the Humanistic LP in September 2001. AP returned in 2005 with the Reverb EP and a full-length for Universal entitled Armed to the Teeth. ~ Greg Prato

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