11 Songs, 44 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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3.6 out of 5
14 Ratings
14 Ratings

Trite & Uninspired

Arthur Buck have given unto us a record from two aging rockers that reads as a desperate attempt at grasping at their youth, which has long-since waned. Cheesy guitar parts, vocals that sound bored with life, lyrics that appear to be penned in a bathroom stall on a night of drinking, and bland electronic percussion, make up the majority of this record. Ultimately it may make you realize that you need to make the most of what youth you have left, but more likely will make you reach for the skip button. It’s been lauded by at least one source (New West Records; their label) as The Record of The Summer, but only if you plan on buying hotdogs and pool toys at K-Mart can I see that being true, as this will likely be the soundtrack while you wait in line at the checkout.

The Bradleyss

Who thought this was a good idea?

At some point everyone runs out of second chances. I hope.


I like it

Having been an admirer of both Joseph Arthur and Peter Buck, I was intrigued when I read that they were making a record. My only disappointment is that they won’t be coming to my city. Joseph Arthur is superb live; it is sure to be a good show.

About Arthur Buck

Gritty-voiced singer and songwriter Joseph Arthur and former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck had been friends and occasional collaborators for years before they teamed up to record an album under the name Arthur Buck. The two first met when Arthur opened a string of shows for R.E.M. in 2000, and Buck would occasionally pop up on-stage at Arthur's shows. But when Arthur crossed paths with Buck in Mexico in 2017, it sparked a collaboration, with the two writing 11 songs together in a matter of days. After a day in a recording studio and some work in their home studios, the self-titled debut from Arthur Buck, a rough but enthusiastic mix of indie rock and contemporary folk, appeared in June 2018.

In 2016, Joseph Arthur was one of the artists appearing at the Todos Santos Music Festival, an annual event organized by Buck, who owns a home in Todos Santos, Mexico. After the show, Arthur left a Dobro guitar behind, and in 2017 he returned to Todos Santos in hopes of finding it. After arriving in town, Arthur ran into Buck, who invited him to spend some time at his home. Arthur stayed for several days with Buck, and after enjoying a swim in the ocean, they'd spend their afternoons playing guitars. Arthur played a few ideas he was working on, and soon Buck added his own melodic contributions to the mix. In three days, the pair knocked out eight tunes, and Arthur Buck made their live debut the next evening at a benefit concert for local firefighters. Not long after, Arthur invited Buck to sit in at a gallery show in Los Angeles, and the pair wrote three more songs at the soundcheck and played them that night. Four days after the show in L.A., Arthur and Buck spent seven hours in a studio in Portland, Oregon, recording the songs they had written during their recent bursts of activity. After the two musicians added overdubs in their home studios, they turned the tracks over to Tchad Blake for mixing, and the Arthur Buck album was complete. New West Records released the set in June 2018, and Arthur Buck booked a tour of Europe and North America in support. ~ Mark Deming

Todos Santos, Mexico