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123 Ratings
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No Words.

Of Machines was one of the new, up and coming bands of 2009 when they dropped this album. When I picked it up for the first time, I fell in love. There is literally no album, to date that can compare to what As If Everything Was Held In Place makes me recount and feel. I spent the latter majority of the year (2009) just listening to each song, from start to finish, singing along, and melting from every piece of distortion and every snare and cymbal hit.

It bums me out that these guys called it quits, because I was looking forward to the new music that I'm sure, undoubtedly would have broadened the horizon for the music scene they were "thrust" into by their label. It's very easy to see that Of Machines didn't constrain themselves to any boundaries, they weren't shooting for a target audience or making an album for a certain kind of person. They put something out and wanted those who found interest in it to listen and for those who were curious to take a chance.

I hope that with the disappearance of such a group that another may rise from the ashes and bring a footing back to a bland genre that is dissolving.

R.I.P. Of Machines (WATK, BMU, TELN)


Will Be Missed. .

Of Machines was literally one of my top three favorite bands of all time, and it will surely remain there. I'm just shocked that they broke up already, I mean, not even a second album? I never got to see them live even. But still, the whole album is amazing. Of Machines is amazing. It just makes me sad that they're done.


biggest talent, saddest story

IMO no other hardcore band can achieve the unique sound they did while standing out as incredible and original as they are. Second to NONE! have you heard those drums? the cymbols are insane, i love those recordings! best drum tracks hands down! and the dual singing/screaming vocals full of ripping emotion bring the feeling home unlike anyone else. not to mention what the distinctive guitars add. theres just so much about this band to love its crazy. the fact they broke up after only one album is the saddest thing and the biggest loss to the genre that i have ever seen. I will always consider them as biggest amount of talent that has ever gone to waste. RIP Of Machines. You will always have my highest praise for your ability to be completely different but mind blowingly good in a genre full of generic sounds. Thank you for breaking the mold!

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