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Buyer Beware - Repeat Tracks

Das Mexikaner,

I bought this "new" album looking forward more covers from Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But I was incredibly disappointed to realize that I ALREADY owned the majority of the tracks, but with different names:

1) Ash = Trailer Music (2015 VGM Covers)
2) Sentinel = Ornstein and Smough (2015 VGM Covers)
3) Cardinalate = Cleric Beast (2015 VGM Covers)
4) Legion = Abyss Watchers (Single)
5) Moonlight is the second half of the Ludwig boss fight from Bloodborne, and may well be a single with a different name I haven't purchased
6) Ember = Soul of Cinder (Single)
7) O Holy Night is actually just that, a cover of the song with the same name and not at all related to the rest of the tracks

I checked all over iTunes and other web sites for an album description, but found no inclination that I was buying the SAME tracks again. I may be to blame for not listening to the samples, but even then, I would have believed these to at least be new mixes, not the same tracks.

Simply put, this a deceptive practice and dishonest. Don't waste your money.

Great Album


Just know this EP is similar to the Undertale album. If you've already bough the songs youll be buying them a second time with different names.

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