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23 Ratings

YES!! They're back!!


This song is amazing! Even after all this time, purity ring has never failed to keep their unique sound. This song is a thinker and it makes you feel such a way that's unexplainable. I am truly proud of Megan and Corin🖤

I love purity ring with all my heart!! Never will I love another band/artist the way I love them♥️

Album? Album? Album?

Official MDX

Started getting into their music and would love to hear a new album from the duo!

Purity Ring is Beyond Moving


These two humans have a unique chemistry when they make music together, a flavor greater than the sum of its parts. Never have I heard anything quite like this, it is exhilarating and stirring on a deep, primal level. The percussions, the melody, the sound of her voice, and the poetic lyrics. Stranger than the earth....at times Achingly beautiful, like strong deja vu in a place you have never been. Weird, and yet comforting. And the type of music I typically listen to is stuff like Tool, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Godsmack, Foo Fighters, Seethet, Ween; basically any old grunge or metal or classic rock. So it kind of surprises me that I like Purity Ring this much. Go figure.

About Purity Ring

The chilly electro-pop project of Corin Roddick and Megan James, Purity Ring began when the two were in Canadian indie rock act Gobble Gobble (which later became Born Gold). While the band was on tour, Roddick and James grew increasingly inspired by the sounds of contemporary R&B and wanted to make music reflecting that. Their first song, "Ungirthed," arrived in January 2011 to critical acclaim, and Purity Ring eventually signed with 4AD Records. Shrines, the duo's debut album, was released in July 2012. The following year, Purity Ring collaborated with Danny Brown on the track "25 Bucks." After touring in support of Shrines, Roddick and James began making new music, this time working together in person in Edmonton instead of collaborating online as they had on their debut. The results were 2015's Another Eternity, a dynamic, streamlined set of songs featuring more revealing lyrics from James and Roddick's hip-hop-inspired production. Remixes of Mew, HEALTH, and Katy Perry tracks followed, and Purity Ring collaborated with the pop star on three songs from her 2017 album Witness. That July, the duo celebrated the fifth anniversary of Shrines' release by issuing the single "Asido" (pronounced "as I do"), which harked back to the body imagery of their debut album. ~ Heather Phares

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada