2 Songs, 16 Minutes


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Encouragement from a wise mentor


Great affirmations for any parent. A beautiful voice leads you through thoughtful inspirations. Get these tracks and listen to them every day! If you are a parent, you know all about the 10 minute intervals you spend waiting...am I right? There is no easier, or more direct, way to change your attitude toward the gift that is your child or the challenge that is your parenting.

You will feel more open, confident, centered.

Kira from askyourfriendkira

Take 8 minutes to connect with yourself and celebrate your child.

These parenting affirmations, a spoken word recording (with light background music), offer you guidance through heartfelt ideas and statements bringing you back to your true purpose as a parent-- to be the loving, supportive, guiding connection between your child and the world.

Kira Wizner


Wizner's short recording of parenting affirmations get to the heart of how a loving parent wishes to be with her child. They are specific and insightful, simple but profound and I have found that listening to the brings my most important values to the surface, when they can be buried under the stress of daily life. I highly recommend these two short incredibly helpful recordings.