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Lets Be Honest...


Yes, I am 21, but High School Musical (and especially it's successor) was a movie with a lot of heart, with a soundtrack full of catchy replayable tunes. They say this is for the "older" crowed, that HSM is too "tween" and that TAM is edgier and more mature - well that ain't true. Unlike High School Musical's, these songs are empty and hollow, the most generic music I've heard in a very long while. I didn't think vocals could get worse than Hudgens' (who actually improved on the second soundtrack) but Nina Dobrev's - and the rest of the cast for that matter - is nothing but horrid, synthesized drivel. And there's no one with anywhere close to the vocal prowess of Lucas Grabeel on this album anywhere. It's a shame the only one with apparent true vocal talent, Neil Haskell, only got 3 stanzas of solo music in the entire score. Comparing "Work It Out" to "At The Mall" (whose lyrics go something like "at the mall, ooooh at the mall") or "Gotta Go My Own Way" to "A Little Bit of Heart Somewhere" (hey sugar hey sugar hey, don't care what you say...") seems like no contest. Yet there's hundreds of people who attest that this is better than High School Musical. Everyone has their own opinions and prefrences, but when something so blatantly bland and horrible is said to be better than something with a lot of heart, I get pretty darn confused. Are we reviewing the same thing here?

This is different...


"High School Musical" and "Camp Rock"...Disney Channel musicals that are aimed at tweens and teens...it's good stuff...but what about the young adults? That's where "The American Mall" comes in! These songs are very catchy and fun...and you can really see that this is different from the others. The songs are more mature and 'real'. I love "High School Musical" and "Camp Rock", don't get me wrong, but it's nice to hear something unique!

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