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A Short Note

Sophifer :P,

I just made a brilliant, random discovery of this music, and all the while I looked through this album, I wondered how in the world this is the first time I've heard of it. With mostly garbage pop being spewed on the top charts, I really can't understand why this isn't taking their place.

A constantly evolving sound. Like it!

Whoa Constrictor,

Amethystium's sound continues to evolve in this latest installment. Aurorae EP takes a more cinematic approach, including distinct high and low energy points in the songs, while still retaining the masterful use of percussion, ethereal soundscape and night-like vibe that made previous works so inspiring. My favorite track is Outro.

About Amethystium

An ambient new age/electronica project of Norwegian producer/composer Øystein Ramfjord with world music influences, Amethystium arrived on the scene in 2000 with the self-released EP Autumn Interlude. After signing with Neurodisc Records, he released three albums in four years that all hit the Top 10 of the Billboard New Age Albums chart: 2001's Odonata (its "Odyssey" was later featured in the 2004 IMAX film Sacred Planet), 2003's Aphelion, and 2004's Evermind. The latter featured vocals by Lee Nisbet of Animus Mundi on three tracks. The compilation Emblem (Selected Pieces) was issued in 2006, and Isabliss arrived in 2008. Splitting with Neurodisc, Amethystium's 2012 EP Aurorae was released on Ramfjord's own AM.mu Records. Featuring the Harding fiddle, a traditional Norwegian instrument, the wistful Transience followed in 2014. ~ Marcy Donelson


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