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1.3K Ratings
charlieboy86 ,

Too close to other composers and other scores

Now..don't get me wrong, this is wonderful music and is very powerful...whatever.

Being a composer myself and a critic of film scores....there is a problem

The theme in "Soccent Attack" is too close to the main theme in "Batman Begins"---1 problem I have.

The rest of the soundtrack sounds like recycled Zimmer scores in the past couple years. Here are a few: King Arthur, The Last Samurai, Pirates, etc.

The problem is that NONE of this music sounds original, and if you think that this is the BEST SCORE WRITTEN IN YEARS!...you know nothing about soundtracks. But if you want to hear more music almost EXACTLY like this...try those scores listed above.

Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of Jablonsky...I just know this is not the best score in years. I think he rehashed other composers work in this score and is getting away with it

irish2082 ,


When I went to see this movie I expected to be blown away by the special effects alone. Once the music started playing I was instantly proven wrong. Steve Jablonsky has easily composed one of the greatest film scores of all time, managing to send chills up and down my spine as the movie progressed. This is the first time I have ever gone out of my way to look for release dates of a film score...it's THAT good! Autobots and Arrival to Earth are definitely the best songs on the album, but that's not saying that the others are far behind. All in all this is a great score and definitely worth buying!

Caliburn212 ,

Was about to by it until . . .

I love this score, and was extremely pleased when I saw it had been released (as opposed to my reaction for the origional "Soundtrack"). I was all set to buy it until I saw the price . . . I see no point in buying it on iTunes when I can have the same music on my computer AND a disk in my hand for LESS money. Sorry iTunes, but no sale this time.

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