16 Songs, 40 Minutes


About Woo

English brothers Clive and Mark Ives started Woo in the early '80s, recording and releasing a plethora of eclectic sounds, most falling under the blanket genre of new age, but spiraling out toward notions of ambient sounds, jazz, and other spiritual takes on modern music. The brothers Woo debut came with 1981's Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong, released on a limited run of both LPs and CDs, and followed by the much more obscure, cassette-only album Into the Heart of Love a few years later. The '80s and '90s sped by, with Woo releasing over ten albums and continuing to explore their liquid new age sound. They remained quietly active into the new century. Eventually the extensive Woo catalog reached the ears of record labels that had cropped up in the decades since the band's inception. In 2012, Drag City reissued their 1989 album It's Cozy Inside, and Emotional Rescue reissued their debut, with plans made to reissue Into the Heart of Love on non-cassette formats for the first time. In 2014, Drag City offered up the compilation album When the Past Arrives, collecting unreleased tracks from different periods within the group's vast recording history. ~ Fred Thomas