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A for effort F for results.

The beats are well put together and there is no denying he has a talent for this, but every artist has a certain responsibility to build not destroy and add more than is taken away. I read his review of these songs, but if i feel if i put something out there that would lead people to grow (or is supposed to) i wouldn't delude it so far left with my own issues my audience waits for me to show them ive changed, then i dont. I felt like i was waiting for him to speak on the turning point. He gets into his past but doesnt bring that back to today, it sounds like its what people in the world listen to, it straddles the fence. Sounds like fame speeches instead of God praising, i look to feed my mind with artist who die to their past, die to themselves, those who are humble. The past can be important but its a tool not a crutch.

Would you want your kids saying they needed champagne showers in church?

This album is a problem.


D.tropp goes all the way in and bring a ton of friends with him to make this album super memorable. Every song on this album is crucial. The album is very honest and quite personal. The mixture of flow and vocals make this album one the dopest this year.

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