10 Songs, 49 Minutes


About Rasha

b. 1971, Khartoum, Sudan. Descended from a long line of intellectuals, artists and musicians (all of her 19 siblings are involved in the arts in some way), Rasha worked in production for the theatre, television and radio while singing, composing and studying music in her spare time with the intention of turning music into a career. Realizing that there were very limited opportunities for professional musicians in war-torn Sudan, she moved to Cairo in 1991 and subsequently to Spain, joining other family members who had already emigrated there, including one of her brothers, who plays with Radio Tarifa. Settling in Madrid, Rasha enrolled at university and took a number of day jobs in order to support herself. In the evenings she sang in local bands and developed her own musical ideas. Finally turning professional, she released Sundaniyat in 1997. The album used a selection of Sudanese to reflect the diverse Arabic and black African influences of the musical culture of her homeland, while also adding external influences (jazzy saxophones, reggae, Afro-Cuban rhythms) and showcasing her versatile and sensuous voice.

Khartoum, Sudan



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