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B-sides reveals another side to O.


The B-sides album reveals another side of this artist. If you relished the romantic sentiment of "O," you may be nonplussed by the angry despair laced into the lyrics of each new song. He aims to reminisce about bitter relationships and doesn't elicit any forced anger in the process. Instead, this album pulls you with as much emotional force as "O" achieves. Regardless, if you enjoyed the songs "Cheers Darlin'," "I Remember," or "Prague," you'll certainly enjoy the B-sides. Purchase songs 1-4 if you want to experience more of Damien's lyrical wrath. Purchase 5-7 if you adore his talent. In my opinion, you should purchase all of them. :)

A Different View of Damien


This album is suprising, especially following the mellow tones of O. Still, Damien doesn't disapoint. The sounds are more vulgar and honest, but the emotion remains the same. My personal favorite off of this album and possibly out of all of Damien Rice's songs is Lonelily, but all are very good, including The Professor. I would definately recommend purchasing this!

About Damien Rice

Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice launched his music career in the late '90s with the hard-hitting indie rock outfit Juniper. The group signed to Polygram in 1997 and released two singles, "The World Is Dead" and "Weathermen," which did moderately well on Irish radio, but when it came time to record a full-length album, contractual rules from the label prevented Juniper from doing so, and Rice split. After a brief respite in Europe, Rice returned to Dublin to focus on music once again, scrounging up enough money to record a demo. He sent it to producer/film composer David Arnold (Björk, Nina Persson, Paul Oakenfold), and luckily for him, Arnold loved it and set Rice up in his very own mobile studio to make a record. His first single, "The Blower's Daughter," was an instant Top 20 hit when it appeared in fall 2001. Shared gigs with McAlmont & Butler and folkie Kathryn Williams followed in summer 2002 when Rice released O in the U.K. The album hit the States in 2003, which earned the Irishman a dedicated group of American fans in addition to his European ones, and after satiating all of them with a collection of B-sides in 2005, Rice released his sophomore record, 9. The album featured his long-term collaborator and then-girlfriend Lisa Hannigan on backing vocals, but on the supporting tour, they eventually split. Rice then went silent for six years without any material or shows after supporting Leonard Cohen in Dublin in 2008, but in 2014 he announced a small show at the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Whelan's, a venue in the Irish capital. His third studio album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, was produced by legendary American producer Rick Rubin, and was released in November 2014. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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