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They're finally on iTunes! :)


I've been listening to To Be Juliet's Secret for a while on myspace, and I'm so excited they're finally on iTunes. They're lyrics are really original, Danielle and Mike who do vocals have really beautiful voices, and the music is unlike most other bands. Hello Love Goodbye: 10/10 My second favorite song. There's so much gorgeous piano and and harmonizing. The Mask's Her Aid: 8/10 It's a slower pace than the other songs, and has a lot of beautiful piano. And She Said: 10/10 My favorite song. I love the harmonizing and the lyrics. Goodbye Was Always Your Favorite Word: 8/10 This song is the most ballad like on the album, with mostly Mike's voice. Piano Keys With Subtleties: 7/10 This song has the most guitar out of them, and is often changing tempo. The tempo changes normally either drive people crazy, or they love it. This song is my least favorite, but it still is a good listen. This is an amazing album worth buying! If you can only buy two songs, buy "Hello Love Goodbye" and "And She Said". Support an amazing band like TBJS (To Be Juliet's Secret) that was unknown until they're eruption on myspace. I know I can't wait to see more of them on iTunes.

Finally! Amazing


People have been waiting for an iTunes release from this amazing band for the longest time. Finally it comes! Hopefully now they'll get the publicity they deserve. Hello Love Goodbye is a beautiful duet with a great rythm. And She Said has always been tied for my favorite TBJS song, along with Piano Keys with Subtelties, which is much slower than the previous two, but also beautiful. Goodbye Was Always Your Favorite Word is a sad but lovely tune that will run through listeners' heads nonstop if listened to more than once! And finally, The Mask's Her Aid is one I havent heard before this album, and I am pleasantly not-surprised! I have been listening to this particular song on repeat since I bought it an hour or so ago :) So, all in all, a very successful first release! Good job guys! Enjoy :)

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