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About Negative Gemini

Negative Gemini (real name, Lindsey French) is an American electronic musician and producer hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Known for her unique approach to crafting ominous soundscapes, she has also caught the attention of online music publications with her innovative use of voice, incorporating a magnetic human element into her largely electronically tinged productions. The young artist first started making music with two other friends in a rap group, which became her first introduction to beat-making. Enticed by its creative possibilities, French eventually began teaching herself to use GarageBand and MIDI software such as Logic. This eventually led to her crafting some of her own compositions, the seeds of which would become Negative Gemini material.

Frustrated with the dwindling and somewhat absent electronic scene in Virginia, French eventually decamped to Brooklyn, N.Y. Having established a mold for the sound that would encapsulate Negative Gemini -- a style that spanned a number of genres, from '90s techno and rave to modern electronica -- French decided to take the next step to move the project along, and began accepting offers to perform at numerous venues across the city. She eventually began to put out independent releases, like the Richmond Tape Club, Vol. 1 EP and full-length Forget Your Future in 2013 and the Real Virtual Unison EP in 2015. The latter went on to earn a spot on FACT's list of favorite BandCamp releases in 2015.

Her sound began to generate attention, with many critics commenting on the young producer's unique visual aesthetic and also noting that, unlike a lot of other contemporary electronic musicians, her personality remained at the center of her sound and style. Her often reverb-drenched vocals also garnered comparison to singers such as Bilinda Butcher and Miki Berenyi. She went on to co-found the independent vinyl and digital-only label 100% Electronica with her partner and fellow electronic artist George Clanton. The label released Negative Gemini's second-full-length, Body Work, in 2016 led by the single "Don't Worry 'Bout the Fuck I'm Doing." Negative Gemini went on to perform at the Gorilla vs. Bear showcase at SXSW 2016, and subsequently toured the U.S. Her EP Bad Baby was released in 2018. ~ Rob Wacey

Richmond, Virginia