16 Songs, 1 Hour 7 Minutes


About Sidney Magal

Sidney Magal is one of the most visible names of the brega style of music. Unlike most other performers in this field, he manages to be accepted by sophisticated audiences, who -- taken with his exaggerated, caricatured Latin-lover style -- disguise their admiration as a sort of a tongue-in-cheek appreciation. Having first starred in soap operas, Magal became one of the most successful brega artists in the '70s, achieving fame in 1976 with "Se te Agarro com Outro te Mato," followed by "Meu Sangue Ferve por Você." In the next year he had a success with "Amante Latino" (Rabito/Antônio Carlos). In 1979 he had another hit with "Sandra Rosa Madalena" (Roberto Livi/Miguel Cidrás). ~ Alvaro Neder