60 Songs, 7 Hours 52 Minutes


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Music Moves Us.. ,

Magician, Wizard, Legend.......

Bought this with prior knowledge of JZ sound. I have a few sets which I listen to often. Act 1 the preamble and softer, slower mix is a great set. It grooves and sways through some dark and uplifting sounds while also creating suspense of what feeling is next. Act 2 Flourishes with energy and danceable tracks. After the beginning things get interesting quickly. The energy will put hair on your chest!!!
James then softens you up with dramatic grooves that rest your mind as body to end the set. Zabelia’s typical sound and style shines in this album. Scratching, sampling, and adding interstellar sounds.
Don’t question purchasing this album.
Just do it..

Reikifairy ,

James is truly a magician ✨

I might be late into the game but I had the honor to dance to James’s magical journey for the first time about 3 weeks ago. I was left speechless and full of joy...James truly puts his heart and soul into his music and this Balance Series 029 is the proof 💚

DJ Manny K! ,

Why realest a James Zabiela set secretly?

It's the rarest thing to hear on iTunes or Apple Music from James Zabiela good luck to ever find anything from him here he is like Sasha 2.0, the first time I went to a night club he was the first DJ I saw live right after Deadmau5 at Vanguard what a night and never ever will I forget how amazing this person is. I remember when James Zabiela posted he has a mix album coming out under Balance Music but never figured if it would ever get a release or even in the states since pretty much anything from him is never released in the states.

Either spread word about this amazing SET great James Zabiela please more release from you here on itunes or Apple Music.

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