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63 Ratings

DJ Res-5 ,

Classic Cher - I "Believe" It

Okay, the way one will experiance this album will vary greatly based on how they first experianced Cher. If you are one of the younger fans, who first became aware of her with Believe and Living Proof, then you will be starkly disappointed when you find out that Cher released ROCK MUSIC for years, before the she began producing the electronic music that made up her 2 newest (at the time of this review) releases. If you have been a fan of Cher's music for years longer, you are probably already very familar with her Rock leaning. Most of the singles that were pulled from this album are near the begining. The are of course some of the better tracks from the album. We All Sleep Alone was remixed and re-released for the Believe album years later. So, if you want a good place to start new investigations of the album that would be the best. I Found Someone is a classic 80s power ballad. It is well worth the listen. Bang Bang is a touch silly, in lyrical content, but somehow works really well with Cher at the helm vocally. Later in the album, songs like Dangerous Times and Working Girl have good 80s pop sensabilities reminding me of more well known songs like Living On A Prayer.

FAFTaylorSwift ,

One Of My Favorites

I disagree with the people who posted earlier reviews and said younger Cher fans won't appreciate this album.As someone who first experienced Cher with Believe and Song For The Lonely, I like her "rock" albums. Personally, I LOVE this album. It shows off all of Cher's plain unadultered vocals. Heart of Stone, Cher, and Love Hurts are great Cher rock albums. I also think her Believe album and Living Proof albums are great, I mean Living Proof is one of my all time favorite Pop/Dance albums. I love Cher, plain and simple, and anything she does is fine by me. My favorites on this album are Give Our Love a Fightin' Chance, We All Sleep Alone, and Main Man. I recommend this album to anyone looking to broaden their Cher knowledge, but this album.

swartstudio ,

What I've Always Considered "Classic Cher"

I grew up listening to the Cher music of the '80s, so to me, this album is, "Classic Cher". Though, "Cher" is not my favorite album by this amazing and long lasting artist, it does have many tracks that stick out from the rest: "I Found Someone", "We All Sleep Alone", "Bang Bang", "Perfection", "Skin Deep", "Working Girl". Because I'm a huge Cher fan I give it four stars, but to the average listener this probably wouldn't seem like a cohesive piece of work -- is it a rock album? Or a dance album? It's a Cher album -- that's what it is! And a good one at that.

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