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4.7 out of 5
81 Ratings
81 Ratings
Eric E Britt

Perfect fit to the Batman Scores

I knew this soundtrack belonged with every other Batman soundtrack out there when I first heard the first twenty seconds of the first piece. Christopher Drake wrote the score for this game perfectly. If you listen to background music, you know it has to contextually fit in with the film, game, or show that it’s in. This is as Batman-like as you can get. The creators of this game made the right choice when they picked someone who had already composed music for Batman cartoons. Drake certainly did not do anything less than his best.


Another WIN for Drake!!!

Like most of Christopher Drake's work (The Dark Knight Returns, The Red Hood, etc) this is another piece of work to add to his list. He really is a go to guy for WB and DC for superhero music. He's always bringing his A+++ game! The music is a good mix of Zimmer, Elfman, and Drake's past work put together for a awesome soundtrack for hopefully a awesome game!

J. Katz


If there's one thing you can definitely say was an improvement with Arkham Origins over its predecessor Arkham City, it would be the soundtrack. Christopher Drake does such amazing job capturing the mood and tone of the Batman comic books, TV shows, and (of course) video games. If you wanna be taken to a cold, dark winter in Gotham City, listen to this soundtrack.

The game itself was great, but it wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable if not for Christopher Drake's great job on the music. I've played all the "Arkham" games thus far, and this is the only soundtrack out of the current three that I was genuinely compelled to buy. So I did. ;)

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