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4.6 out of 5
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15 Ratings

Bridges look alike

What makes the music GOOD, and enjoyable is that it is more than you expected. It has exactly what you are looking for
musically... trust me. Don't worry about the vocals... they are just like they are suppose to be... just ENJOY it. I may have liked for the vocals to be a little less distinct and clear so that you couldn't tell who was singing, so when someone might ask "Who is that", they are pleasantly surprised to find out it is "The Dude".



I was very impressed with Mr. Bridges performance on this album, I was skeptical because like the review says many actors make albums as a cash cow. This is different, this album is plain good. This is really good, like Hman said he is the dude so why not. The Dude Abides.


Bridges on Alternative Music

Don't get me wrong. The man is talented! I much prefer him in the country genre! That album he just released this year is freaking good. Wasn't into this as much but I did like 2 White Roses and Buddha and Christ At Large. Circle Dance is kind of cool. I have to say that the man is good. The Dude can rock it pretty well.

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