10 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Diane Ward

Miami, FL-native Diane Ward can hold her own as a singer, songwriter, and musician. She took up the drums first, at a young age. Before she had finished high school, she was teaching music to others. She grew comfortable performing in front of audiences as a drummer for several different local groups. Becoming a singer was sort of an accident. The lead singer of one of the bands Ward was a member of failed to show one night and the next thing she knew, Ward was standing at the microphone. Her career branched out even more as she began songwriting and then playing keyboards and guitar.

In 1993, Diane Ward went solo. Two years later she finished recording her debut album, Mirror, released on her own THIP Records label. Some of the emotional pop tracks on this self-produced first offering are "Goodbye Mary Jo," "I Will Wait for You," "Home," and "Now in this Hush."

In 1999, Ward finished out the millennium with a sophomore release titled Move. She picked some talented musicians to back her on the recording, including bassist Matt Sabatella, and guitarist Jack Shawde. A couple of the regular band members are drummer Chris Sheldon and guitarist Brian Franklin. ~ Charlotte Dillon