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About Frost

The blissful electronica duo Frost hails from the city of Tromsø, located in the far north of Norway. Vocalist Aggie E. Peterson and instrumentalist Per Martinsen first brought Frost to the public's attention in 1998 with the "Clouds Across the Moon" single released on the Sony imprint Drum Island. By the end of the year they issued their full-length debut, Bedsit Theories, but it failed to earn them much attention outside of their homeland. After a long break, they reappeared in 2002 with the limited-edition "Pharmacy" single, their first for their own FrostWorldRecordings label. Things really took off when they released the follow-up single "Amygdala," which featured remixes by Atom Heart, Qwerty, and a "silent" mix by Björn Torske (he never sent the duo his mix so they included a track of silence and attributed it to him). In 2003 Frost released a second album, Melodica, while also starting work on a collaboration with Sri Lanka's Salangai Narthanalayam dance group for a planned 2004 concert in Oslo.



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