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Completely in English


So I buy this album hoping for more Russian songs and a get several I already have just English versions....good music but still aggravating


Richie 2,

If you are not familair with Louna, for the most part they are new to the US audience...but they have been around for a few years over in Russia, and have a couple other albums out in Russian...this is their first full length English album, and it is a great, ROCKIN introduction to their American audiences...every song on here is great, and i'm guessing this is some of their Russian songs recorded in English, so while not exactly new to the fans who have known this band for a while, it is new to a lot of us...so if you were like me and didn't know who this band was...click buy album and find out! You might be surprised!

On a side note, i saw Louna a few nights ago when they opened for The Pretty Reckless on the Going to Hell tour, which was the band's very first US tour...that is where i discovered them, then came directly home and got the album because they were THAT good! So do yourself a favor and get this album now!

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