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23 Ratings
Christopher-Joel ,

Interesting, Good, Campy.

The soundtrack was very interesting and I am not disappointed with it, though I am not pleased with it. I don’t know who played the piano on the Liberace copied non-original arrangements on the soundtrack. However, you can tell they are pretty sedate and medicated compared to that of Liberace himself. It sounded as if the pianist playing in the re-vamped Liberace arrangements had to have a moment of Zen or mellow time before playing, rather than the luxurious cocktail sparkle that Liberace actually had. I think to play luxuriously and sparkly like Liberace, then one must live a life of sparkle and luxury; clearly, as most pianists know, this life is almost unobtainable in today’s times, since everyone wants to be a purist of the piano.

The orchestrations of the Liberace arrangements used in the movie are quite good and I really enjoyed that aspect. As we all know, Liberace was a Baldwin artist and the piano used in the recording of the BTC soundtrack doesn’t sound grandiose to me, like the Baldwin- it sounds warm and mellow like a Steinway. I could be wrong, however, I can find little information (in depth information) on the soundtrack.

"How Do I Love You" was excellent though with the Hammond organ sound along with the piano. It is by far my favorite tune on the soundtrack.

I miss though a lot, Liberace’s cigarette Wisconsin speech impediment talk and softness. It sounds like to me that Michael Douglas was just having fun, as Liberace did, but I could’ve done without him talking

It seems to me everyone who plays the piano and get’s paid for it wants to have a chance at being the Liberace heir, and play like Liberace, however, whoever tried to imitate him on the soundtrack was indeed a milquetoast player who sounded like they used a click-track and were afraid to play the Hell out of the piano and just have a marvelous time. They completely missed the mark on articulation and sharp rhythms. Soundtracks don’t need to sound like an antiseptic Broadway revival recording. I am so tired of this “everything has to be perfect and spotless” trend in recording- we definitely need to bring back spontaneity and soul, and virtuosic skill in recordings, and still manage to be “perfect”……on the soundtrack, it sort of makes campy look like it is in good taste.

fitman30 ,

Behind The Candelabra

Amazing Work

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