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29 Ratings

luv this song

wow sick is a really good song. i woke up one morning turned on the tv on vh1. i listened 2 it and i forgot the name of it so i searched the lyrics and finaly found it today. but all week i hav been singing the one part of the song all week, "we dont care if we cause a commotion...were just liveing our life in fast motion". wow thats the best part of the song i luv it is definitly worth th .99 cents! i recomend it 2 any1!


Just Kait is Just AMAZING

At frist when I heard her play on the 17th I didn't really like her but being a musican I decided to give her a shot. After the thrid song I really started to like her music. I go to a performing art's high school and none of the seniors I know are out on tour. My point? Don't knock her before you listen to her or see her play live.

( Kenzie 4.17.10)



I just saw her last night in concert and had never heard her before. I liked her almost right away she is so awesome in person, i actually think she sounds better in person. I think they are the kind of songs that even if you don't like them at first they can grow on you the more you listen to them. Heart shaped bruise, is my favorite.

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