13 Songs, 51 Minutes


About Clyde Bawden & Jason Barney

Clyde Bawden was a behind-the-scenes type of musician until 2013 when he partnered with fellow composer Jason Barney and conservative talk show host Glenn Beck for the hit Christmas album Believe Again. Born and raised in Provo, Utah, Bawden later fell in love with the sunshine of Mesa, Arizona, a place where he moved his family and decided to reinvent himself, adding piano composition to a diverse résumé that already included real estate, missionary work, and education. Looking to communicate the doctrines and principles of the gospel through a concert grand and spoken word, Bawden first performed his compositions in area schools where the positive reception influenced him to carry on. He was only interested in being a solo artist, at first, but when he partnered with his son-in-law, photographer Mark Mabry, for the Reflections of Christ multimedia project in 2007, the world of arrangement and accompaniment opened wide. Now thankful for the creative challenge working with other artists has provided, Bawden toured the U.S. with Reflections of Christ, and then partnered with another of the project's composers, Jason Barney, for the 2012 album Brighter Days Ahead. That same year, Glenn Beck announced he was working with Bawden on a symphony, along with a Christmas collection that also featured the work of Barney. The latter appeared in 2013 as Believe Again, an album featuring vocalists Cody Carnes, Diane Michelle, and David Osmond, which made into the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 album chart. ~ David Jeffries

Provo, UT



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