12 Songs, 33 Minutes


About The Smittens

The Smittens were a Burlington, Vermont-based twee pop band with a jones for the usual: Beat Happening, Belle & Sebastian, the Archies, and Magnetic Fields. The band technically began around 2002, after the dissolution of keyboardist/vocalist Dana Kaplan and vocalist Max Andrucki's previous project, the Archibalds. However, it did not fully emerge until a year later, when Kaplan returned from a trip overseas and jelled in a lineup that also included drummer Holly Chagnon, guitarist Colin Clary, and bassist David Zacharis. The quintet began gigging regionally and placed a few tracks on compilations, most marked by cutesy co-ed vocals, lighthearted instrumentation, and the band's winning brand of snarky, scene-specific humor (example song titles: "Doomed, Lo-fi and in Love"; "I Hate Vermont"). In early 2004, the Smittens issued their debut LP Gentlefication Now! on Zacharis' Dangerfive imprint. ~ Johnny Loftus