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4.2 out of 5
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17 Ratings
cardfan_yak ,

Why abandon Acapella

It seems every five years or so, they try to apply instruments to their beautiful sounds and timbre, causing their uniqueness to be drown out by overproduction. I bought two songs. But just can't embrace anything other than the very best in acapella, which is Take 6's wheelhouse!

RockyI ,


Interesting project…
1. Heavy “crossover" music and lyrics.
2. A couple of straight up “secular” songs yet still categorized in the Gospel genre (no need to get defensive, it’s a fact).
3. I THINK one of the insert pictures is T6 in front of a bar with liquor bottles behind them….How does that happen….?!?
Interesting project and very different from their core in my opinion. Unsure of the motivation or goal. Things are changing.

Pastor B. ,

Take 6 Re-imagined!!!

Not at all what I expected, especially given the singles they released ... But really good! I'm still trying to digest what I've just heard. I'm, well, speechless. Wrapping my mind around this avant-garde sound.

Kind of like the first time I tasted alligator tail. Unusual in its texture, but pleasing to my palate.

Now, as an old school Take 6 fan, I would have liked more chordal a cappella harmonies, as this is what they do best. But I'm keeping an open mind.

In a different way, this joint may be as revolutionary as the first. Just like in 1988, I've got a stank face and I'm thinking ... I ain't never heard anything like this before!

I think the greatest contribution of this album is that it, once again, puts Take 6 on the cutting edge, making them relevant to a newer generation of fans. I would not be surprised if there are, as in the case of their debut, multiple Grammy nominations in different categories. This is beyond category ... Is it Gospel ... Jazz ... R&B ... Inspirational ... Hip-hop ... Trip-hop? All of the above!

I think Claude found the sweet spot of his range on 'Song for You'. He needed to make the shift to accommodate his matured vocal instrument. Very pretty song, indeed!

Khristian showed his true range. He may be the 'baritone' in the group, but he's really a second tenor. Shh! It's a secret!

That's all I have for now. I will continue to chew on this rare piece of musical steak.

Joel A. Bowman, Sr.
Aka Pastor B

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