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Prom Queen is Back


To whoever said this is just simple power chords.. Care to elaborate on that sweeping statement? Myself and many others I'm sure will tell you there is more going on. You can like what you like and dislike what you don't but that type or review is just ignorant.

Maybe the mixing isn't as good as their earlier efforts but this is great stuff and I am really enjoying it. The guitar is awesome as always. Really great Gothenburg style metal riffs. Good solos that solidify the musical integrity. Drums are slammin' but the bass is very hard to hear like most bands of this style. Maybe it's for the best.
One of the few albums I can listen through straight through without getting bored.
I've really enjoyed playing their stuff for years, and still do. Songs like sharks in your mouth will always be a favorite of mine and with this album I have a couple more to add to my list.
Thanks Prom Queen for a great album can't wait to see you live

I have waited too long for this.

Evan Leindecker,

IKTPQ has been an eternal favorite since the early 2000's. Although I've never been a fan of vocal changes, at the frequency they've had, but every album has such an incredible sound and is worth every penny. Cannot wait to hear the rest of the mayhem!

About I Killed the Prom Queen

Although the lineup of the Adelaide-formed act I Killed the Prom Queen proved to be relatively unstable, the band remained a key name on the Australian metalcore scene for well over a decade. Formed in 2000 by guitarist Jona Weinhofen, drummer JJ Peters, vocalist Austin H., and bassist Ben Engel, only Weinhofen and Peters remained from this initial incarnation by the time When Goodbye Means Forever -- their Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall-inspired 2003 debut full-length -- was issued. Fully on board for that album's sessions were Michael Crafter on lead vocals, Kevin Cameron on guitar, and Sean Kennedy on bass.

Their follow-up, Music for the Recently Deceased, hit stores in the U.S. in July 2006, and after they inked a deal with Metal Blade Records, the label issued the record in North America that November. The release ultimately featured the Hunt for Ida Wave's Ed Butcher on vocals, following Crafter's departure during the album's recording. When Butcher also left the group in early 2007, other vocalists -- such as Heavens Lost's Colin Jeffs and Mourning Tide's Tyrone Ross -- helped them fulfill immediate touring commitments. However, a combination of being unable to settle on a permanent frontman and Weinhofen's decision to join their tour mates at the time, California's Bleeding Through, led to an announcement that I Killed the Prom Queen was to split. A 2008 farewell tour of Australia was arranged, for which Crafter temporarily returned, and the group subsequently remained inactive in the ensuing years.

In May 2011 they reunited for another national tour, finding stability when ex-Red Shore member Jamie Hope joined on lead vocals and Weinhofen returned to the fold.

Summer 2012 brought their first new material in six years, when the track "Memento Vivere" appeared as an online stream. The following year, long-serving member JJ Peters left the band to focus on his already established Deez Nuts project and was replaced by the former Confession drummer, Shane O'Brien. Shortly afterwards I Killed the Prom Queen announced that they would soon start work on a third studio album. Sean Kennedy was replaced on bass by ex-Day of Contempt frontman Ben Coyte before the band headed to Sweden where Fredrick Nordström -- producer of Music for the Recently Deceased -- assisted Weinhofen, Cameron, Hope, Coyte, and O'Brien with the recording of the February 2014-released Beloved. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia & James Wilkinson

    Adelaide, South Australia, Austra

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