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About Simon Scott

Drummer turned ambient musician Simon Scott, a native of Cambridge, England, was in a number of bands from the late '80s through the early 2000s, including the Charlottes, Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Inner Sleeve, and Lowgold. In 2006, he founded Kesh Recordings, an outlet for experimental artists such as his own Televise, Finland's Hannu (whom he also assisted with production and instrumentation), and Kane Ikin. Three years later, Scott released the first album under his name, the mostly drum-less Navigare, on Norway's Miasmah label. 2010 was a busier year that involved the 16-minute piece Nivalis (Secret Furry Hole), the four-track EP Traba (Immune), the half-hour piece Silenne (Slaapwell), and Conformists, the score to Juriaan Booij's film of the same name, which was recorded with Dag Rosenqvist. Scott also collaborated with Rafael Anton Irisarri on the Sight Below's It All Falls Apart, for which he was credited with guitar, treatments, and electronics. Bunny, another album for the Miasmah label, was issued in 2011, as was a 7" single for Seven Pieces. After an appearance on Kompakt's Pop Ambient 2012 compilation, Below Sea Level was issued on 12k, as was Between, the self-titled album of a quintet featuring Scott, Taylor Deupree, Marcus Fischer, Corey Fuller, and Tomoyoshi Date. After participating in Slowdive's reunion tours in 2014, Scott returned to his solo career in 2015 with the release of Insomni on Ash International.

Cambridge, England
March 3, 1971



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