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1 4:29 Album Only
5:04 $1.29
3 5:03 Album Only
4 3:51 Album Only
5 3:34 Album Only
6 3:30 Album Only
7 3:30 Album Only
8 4:48 Album Only
9 3:34 Album Only
10 3:01 Album Only
11 5:10 Album Only
12 5:35 Album Only

Customer Reviews

Very impressed!


I saw their name and instantly knew they were Judas Priest fans. I watched their video for Blind and Frozen, and their vocalist has a splendid voice, and I enjoyed his power screams. They actually looked like a metal band, I liked their presence and their throwing of figures in the video. The guitar solo was slick, they were great and all around they earned a preorder!

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