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4.9 out of 5
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30 Ratings
cest meyy

love it

this album has a dream pop feel that reminds me of wild nothing and thats why I love it so much. light some candles, give it a listen and kick back. Or, better yet, go on a night drive to nowhere <3



I loved Small Black's Limits of Desire LP and the Real People EP, but there is an incredible atmoshpere to Best Blues that is diffrerent from their previous work and hard to describe. Superbly melancholic, the combination of the music, lyrics, and cover art coalesce into something remarkable. It may take you a few listens, even five or six (like it did for me), but Best Blues is a record that demands being played at times when longing, mystery, and reminisence best define your state of mind.


The Style is Fantastic

Each Small Black album has a particular theme in the music. Limits of Desire had more of a "here and now" inspiring edge to it. Best Blues delivers a hearty, nostalgic love behind the music.

In a sense, what you'll hear is slightly different from previous albums, but boy, does it satisfy!

About Small Black

Noisy yet wistful electro-indie pop group Small Black started with a name and worked backwards: a housemate of singer/multi-instrumentalist Josh Kolenik came up with the moniker on a cold Portland, Oregon night. The name stuck when he returned to Long Island, New York and began collaborating with Ryan Heyner, an area musician who shared mutual friends with Kolenik. The pair holed up in Kolenik's uncle's attic to record songs with vintage keyboards and samplers, spending the winter of 2008-2009 recording as Uncle Matt made surfboards underneath them. Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin from Kolenik's previous band, Slowlands, came into the mix early on, adding production and songwriting and filling out the band's live sounds. Small Black released their self-titled five-song EP on their own CassClub label in October 2009, and released the U.K. single "Despicable Dogs," as well as a video for that song featuring Uncle Matt, soon after. The band played several dates at that year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Small Black signed to Jagjaguwar Records, who reissued the band’s debut EP with two bonus tracks in 2010. That year, the band also released a split single with the like-minded Washed Out, with whom Small Black also went on tour.

New Chain, the band's first full-length, boasted a slightly more polished sound and arrived in October 2010. In late 2011, the band offered up the Moon Killer mixtape as a free download from their website. The collection of new material was built on overt samples of sources varying from Pere Ubu to Nicki Minaj, and featured multiple drop-ins from Das Racist MC Heems, as well as remixes from Star Slinger and Phonetag. After relentless touring for the next two years, Small Black announced that they were attempting a more sophisticated, less ornamental sound with their follow-up, Limits of Desire, which was released in May of 2013. The band followed that record with an EP, Real People, in 2014 that aimed more for the dancefloor, with vocals from Frankie Rose and a cover of the Blue Nile's classic "Downtown Lights." Their next LP was recorded by the band in their Brooklyn home studio, then mixed by Nicholas Vernhes at the Rare Book Room Studio. Featuring contributions from trumpeter Darby Cicci of the Antlers and vocalist Kaede Ford, Best Blues was released in late 2015. ~ Heather Phares

Long Island, NY



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